A Dog Sweatshirt Or Fleece – Right Or Wrong?

Those that don’t agree with it will say, they look stupid or, I think it’s unkind. Ok, not cruel but a bit silly. Its ridiculous, if they were meant to wear clothes they would not have fur!

All possibly valid comments however, if we look back to when King Arthur was in reign we will see that not only horses but also dogs were dressed to protect them in battle. Times have obviously moved on but I am a dog owner that likes to accessorize my dog whatever the weather and I know the difference between him wanting to go out when it’s warm and dragging him out when it’s cold or even worse, when it’s raining.

And for those owners that don’t know, dog’s feel the wet and cold too, and most will literally shiver. In particular short haired breeds such as whippets, greyhounds, etc. So taking those sorts of circumstances in to consideration, even if it is only a cozy dog sweatshirt, it must mean that clothes for dogs are without doubt necessary and even essential in many situations. You can also look for https://yoohoomanapparel.store/products/ and other reputed websites for more information.

But what about the ‘dressing up’ of dogs? Outfits such as jogging suits, prince and princess outfits, tuxedos, Santa Claus or Halloween fancy dress. Well there is no getting away from the fact that some dogs do enjoy the attention of being dressed up in all sorts of regalia and actually feel pampered in a way that they most definitely enjoy. Other dogs will put up with it and then others will not tolerate it. The latter two should be left alone.