Add Flavour To Your Hookahs With Fruit Juices

Quite often, most smokers start getting used to the way they smoke after smoking for a long time. The same goes for the people who smoke hookahs. The taste of smoke eventually becomes monotonous and smokers tend to derive reduced pleasure in smoking hookahs. 

A way to improve the taste is to change the flavor of smoke you inhale. This can be done either by buying the flavored tobaccos; there are plenty available in the market. 

Another way of adding the flavor is trying to experiment with the flavor yourself. If you want to know more about which flavor has been added to hookah in Australia, visit

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The latter way can be interesting and you can get the desired results at the same old prices without changing your favorite tobacco for your hookah either. One way to change the flavor of your hookah is to add fruit juices to the water the smoke passes through. 

You can also replace the water completely with the fruit juice which will produce a stronger flavor of juice mixed with the smoke. The flavor thus produced will be subtle and will be quite refreshing if you carefully choose the juice to mix with water.

A good combination of fruit juice and an appropriate kind of tobacco will add to your smoking pleasure you get from your hookah. For example, orange juice and kiwi tobacco form a great combination for regular hookah smokers and is very popular too. 

Similarly, orange juice with vanilla tobacco or apricot nectar with peach tobacco is well known and popular combinations for smoking your hookahs in a variety of flavors. To obtain a more emphasized fruity taste while you smoke hookah, you can use thicker juices.