AH By Alexa Hampton: Brighten Up Your Home with Lighting

AH By Alexa Hampton

While task lighting and ambient lightings are primarily functional, accent lightings also help to improve your home interior decor by reinforcing your design aesthetic. You can make your more attractive and perfect with AH by Alexa Hampton lighting. If you don’t have any idea about how to pop up your home decor with lights, there are a few accent lighting techniques for your home:-

For instance, a bathroom needs two types of accent lighting: under the vanity and cove lighting. Moreover, the other layers of light include the recessed lighting over the vanity, include edge-lit mirrors, and a pendant over the tub.

Ceiling Coves:

Lighting the ceiling cove brings the eye upward, framing the space and accenting the visually interesting ceiling plane.

Liner lights are one of the popular ways to light ceiling covers. There are several reasons for this:-

  • They are small in scale and easily fit into tight places, so you only see the light, not the fixture.
  • They are energy efficient as everyone wants money to boot and love saving energy.
  • They need low maintenance and are long-lasting.

Toe Kick Lighting:

Lighting a toe kick help to make your vanity and cabinet feel like floating above the floor; they also add an interesting and beautiful factor to your place. Linear lighting is the common way to light toe kicks because they are also the go-to for ceiling coves.

Furthermore, toe-kick lighting serves as a great night light. For example, a lit toe kick that traces a way around your kitchen cabinets and island can offer you the right amount of light to navigate your kitchen when you are making a late-night visit to the fridge. Moreover, toe kick lighting in your kitchen adds an extra element of visual interest and a convenient nightlight at night.

Wall Grazing:

If you want to graze a wall, you have to place light fixtures up against the wall. You can also light your wall up or down to bring the unique texture of brick, tile, stone, and other materials. This way works equally well for both outdoor and indoors, whether it is highlighting a stone wall on your patio or an accent wall in your powder room. Look at the items that are uniquely you’re, such as sculptures and paintings. You can highlight these things while adding the overall visual interest to your space.

Art Lighting:

You can add little light to your paintings, sculptures, and photos to make your room more inviting and beautiful. Light fixtures are available in various styles, such as traditional picture lights. In addition, they can be subtle such as recessed lighting to keep all the focus on your artwork.

Shelf and In-Cabinet Lighting:

Glass-front cabinets and lighting shelves help to give attention to your contents, and you can add another layer of interest inside your room with these shelves and cabinets. For solid shelves, you can try strip lights on the underside of each shelf to illuminate your objects. They work well for wood shelves and can recess the strip light into.


There are various ways to light up your home. You can make your home more luxurious and inviting with AH by Alexa Hampton lights.