All About Skylights in Australia

Skylights let natural light in areas that don't normally have windows. They come in a variety of styles. 

Making an attic an inhabited space requires approval from the building inspector and a permit as most attic floors aren't built to handle the extra burden that living spaces require. If the space is going to be used for a bedroom, it should include a window or another way to access the outside to facilitate an emergency escape.

Skylights typically serve three purposes: allowing natural light to enter, venting, or moisture control. Skylights that emit light or have daylighting employ traditional fixed designs that capture sunlight and help reduce heating and loss of heat. If you want to buy skylights in Australia, then you can browse to


Ventilation skylights release heat that is accumulated close to the ceiling. These skylights typically release heat from the hinged panels and are commonly utilized in smaller spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens to ease humidity and control airflow.

The skylights for moisture control are also offered. They have an internal channel, which collects condensation to allow it to evaporate later.


Planning permission may be required for installing a ventilation window There may also be local regulations that govern the window's size, position on the roof, or even the style of the window.