All on 4 is The Real Truth About Dental Implants

First, teeth implants are used as substitutions for the root of the tooth in the mouth area where teeth are lost. Implants are placed in the root to provide a stable foundation for the substitute crown to allow you to bite and chew comfortably and naturally.

When teeth are gone, the bones that previously supported the teeth deteriorated. However, bones can be preserved by replacing the root of the lost tooth with dental implants. The bone will form a strong bond with artificial implants and will stimulate the bone. You can know about implant-supported dentures and bridges from various internet sources.

Supercentre implants promise what is called "teeth-in-a-day" or "all-on-4" where the whole arch of the mouth is supported by only four implants.

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In addition to long-term denture users, there are other people who are not candidates for this "teeth-in-day" procedure. Usually, those who lose significant bones will be recommended to take traditional implant routes. Bone grafting is often needed for bone loss patients to achieve the best aesthetic and functional results.

The general question is whether the patient must live without teeth during this expanded process. The answer is no. You will never be live without teeth. The technology currently provides a choice that looks natural and fixed during your treatment to ensure the best comfort and confidence for patients.