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Antique furniture has been transformed into an antique chest. French coffers and antiques were simply deep, crude boxes that rose from the ground on feet or legs supported by a lid. The antique coffers were used as storage containers for treasure, safe places for weapons and food larders and to dry clothes.

Antique chests can be used in all areas of furniture, including bedrooms, kitchens, garages, and children's rooms. In libraries and private study rooms, antique chests were first featured.  You can also look for the best antique products online by clicking at antiques emporium

Tips on Decorating with Antiques - How to Decorate with Vintage Furniture

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These antique chests were sought after by collectors who appreciate true beauty. 

Many changes were made to antique chests decoration. An antique chest was originally a simple marriage coffer. The sarcophagus design of antique chests was popularized later. 

The antique chests originally served as a marriage coffer, but they were essentially portable furniture. They were regarded as the most valuable antique furniture. An antique chest can be used as a chair, a couch, or a bed. It also serves as a safe place to store valuable household items and personal effects.

Material of the antique chest

This antique chest was made from fine hardwood planking to ensure durability. The antique chests featured intricate carvings with raised edges and beautiful designs that show how much they were treasured by their owners. These antique chests were further stained with bright colors and glazed with glossy surfaces to reflect the owner's status.