Be Healthy With Joining Strength Training

Opting for a healthy diet and rushing to the nearest gym is the easiest option for anyone who wants to stay healthy and fit. However, there are many people who cannot afford the high priced gym membership or do not have the time for strength training sessions at the gym.

In addition, some might like to try out low intensity exercise programs. All those who want to perform some low-key fitness systems, can try out the following strength training exercises without weights.

However, you can also join Southern Sydney Powerlifting Gym to become fit.

Jumping ropes are cheap and provides a person with a full body workout. One can easily exercise with these ropes anywhere and at any time.

Pushups are an excellent strength training exercise without weights for toning up the body. There are different varieties to push up and choose the one that suits you the best.

Knee Pushups- To perform knee push-ups, one need to place the palms on the ground and spaced out evenly. Keep the legs folded and balance the body weight on the knees. Push yourself down until the chin touches the floor. This whole process should be counted as one rep.

Traditional Pushups- It is almost similar to the knee push-ups. The only difference is that the person needs to keep the legs straight and balance oneself on the balls of the feet.

Decline Push-ups- Assume the Traditional Push-up position (as described above). Avoid placing the feet on the ground and instead keep it above the ground level with the help of piled up books or a stool. With practice, one can choose to replace the stool with a chair.