Business Books And Industry Think Tank Topics

Industry Think Tanks of real consequence must be able to read and understand written information about business, commerce, money, marketing, production, and economics. The think tank can't plan, forecast, or perform without relevant information. 

For a think tank to be effective, it must have access to a wide range of information sources, including books. Let's take a look at the books that they read this week, as well as the Online Think Tank. You can also purchase business books online that they read this week.

This will illustrate the concept. We will first briefly discuss the book and then we will move on to a few thought-provoking questions and comments that shed light on their madness. "Human Relations in Small Business"The SBA – 1969. This pamphlet from the SBA explains how to hire employees. 

It is a short, basic guide that was published before the many legal changes that have made the field of Human Resources. This book also explains how to communicate with employees and how to train orient newbies, and maintain good personnel relations to achieve optimal performance.

"A Handbook of Small Business Finance."1964 by the SBA. You might be wondering what small business was like 45 years ago. It was different with less regulation but the basic principles were almost the same.