Commercial Lighting Design Considerations

To understand which type of luminaire is best for a commercial space, the following description of some commonly used luminaires in commercial lighting can help:

1. Tubular Fluorescent Tubes – This type of fluorescent tube, based on traditional fluorescent technology, is usually placed on the ceiling and covered with a matte lens.

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Depending on the lighting requirements of the commercial space, commercially available fluorescent lamps typically have one to four light bulbs. They are considered one of the most durable and energy efficient options for commercial lighting.

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2. Compact fluorescent lamps – Instead of incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps are also based on traditional fluorescent technology and have a compact internal ballast.

Although energy efficient like tube fluorescent lamps, the light emitted provides a better perception of natural whites. It is widely used in lighting applications for tasks and spotlights in commercial spaces.

3. T5 Fluorescent Lamp – Suitable for trophy or high room (high ceiling) applications, the T5 fluorescent lamp is considered an ideal choice for commercial lighting as it is durable and easy to maintain.

While T5 fluorescent lamps were designed with fluorescent light sources in mind, today they are more commonly designed to accommodate LED lamps.

4. LED lights – LED lights have become popular in recent years because they use less energy and have a longer lifespan.

While early adoption of LED lighting was challenging, the reduction in cost, almost as low as that of T5 and fluorescent lamps, resulted in an increasing preference for LED lamps in commercial lighting designs.