CPR Training – A Life Saving Medical Treatment

CPR training service is useful in situations such as cardiac arrest, administering Heimlich Manoeuvre, drowning, and drug overdose. Institutions such as the American Heart Association and Red Cross must recognize a CPR Training Program.

This training is required for all employees in medical offices, government agencies, corporate and private companies, as well as babysitters and caregivers of the elderly. Sanitary barriers can be used to alleviate concerns about HIV/AIDS transmission and hygiene issues relating to practices like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. You can also get more information about CPR training services via http://americancprinstitute.com/.

CPR training services

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This training is safe and can be avoided. You can also get training at local hospitals. The internet is also available. This is convenient for busy people, and it is cheaper than hiring an instructor. The classes are mandatory and the trainees must pass a written exam.

There are several types of CPR training service available: Adult CPR Training, Infant CPR Training, AED Training, and First Aid Training.

CPR can be used to revive cats and dogs that are unconscious. This eliminates the possibility of them biting. It is important to remove any obstructions in the mouth. If the animal is large, it should have its jaws closed and the administrator must then breathe into its nose. Small animals should have their noses and mouths covered by the administrator as he inhales. Both cases should have the breaths at 2. The chest should then rise. Chest compressions should then be done. 

For large animals, you can perform the chest compressions by placing it on its back and doing the same as for humans. For small animals, you can place it on its back or side and compress one or both sides. The compressions should then be repeated.