Dental Crowns in Noosa

Dental crowns are placed as covering on the tooth to restore its size and shape and to improve its appearance and strength. They are restorations that protect cracked or damaged teeth preserve their functionality.

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Why do we need dental crowns?

In the following situations, a dental crown may be needed:

•To repair a fractured tooth.

•To further protect or preserve a weak tooth from decay, from cracking or breaking apart, and to hold together parts of an already cracked tooth.

•To also hold dental bridges in place.

•To cover up a dental implant.

•To coat or envelop severely stained or discolored teeth

•To strengthen the tooth after a root canal treatment.

•To improve the beauty of your smile.

Types of Dental crowns and their description:

1. All- Porcelain Crown – this type of crown is best for front teeth as they can be color-matched to your teeth and looks exactly like natural teeth. However, this type can easily chip or break causing a wearing down of adjacent teeth. It is suitable for people with allergies to metal.

2. All-Metal Crown – this crown type uses gold alloys or nickel or chromium or another metal-based alloy. it lasts longer than any other crown type as it can endure biting and chewing forces and they seldom if not rarely break. It is the best choice for cannot-be-seen teeth like molars.

3. All- Resin Crown – this type of crown is the least expensive one however, their quality and functionality are poor as they are prone to dental fractures and can easily wear down over time. Not an advisable crown type.