Discover About Direct To Garment Printing

There are two basic types of t-shirt printing methods – screen printing and digital printing. Screen printing has existed for more than two thousand decades. Digital printing is new. Within this guide, we are going to talk about a sort of electronic printing called direct to garment printing.

The modern direct to garment printing is based on a system that uses a sort of altered inkjet printer which prints an image straight on a garment. There are lots of benefits of producing custom clothing utilizing this printing procedure. 

The number one criticism of consumers face who buy custom garments is that the layout feels different from the rest of the shirt as it has a type of patch. However, with direct to garment printing, that the design is printed on the shirt, so it seems precisely the same as it is until it is personalized. You can get the services of direct to garment custom printing at

Direct To Garment Printing

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After the technology came, it was employed on light clothes specifically. But since the process enhanced, printers could add marginally darker colors to the orders. 

However, the printer cartridges are rather expensive when used at a high-volume enterprise. Few large volume printers may manage cutting-edge printers that are used for smaller tasks.

Direct to garment printing can create high-quality pictures from vibrant colors on most substances.