Explain: About UK Visa System

The UK points-based system was introduced by the Border Agency of the United Kingdom in 2008 as a way to regulate immigration in the United Kingdom; assess whether a person is eligible to apply for a visa to UK for work or study.

The system is divided into five main categories (known as levels), each has its own criteria and separate requirements. A brief summary of each level is explained below that will help you get on track for filing a visa application success. You can get the more information about  settlement visa via https://www.pushlegalservices.co.uk/our-services-2/eea-citizen/.

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• Level 1 (highly skilled workers) – This allows those with high skills to live in the UK on the basis of employment or self-employment opportunities. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, international graduates who try to remain after their studies; world leaders or exceptional talent. This category does not require the migrant to have a sponsor, which is a real bonus. This visa can lead to a state established (indefinitely)

• Level 2 (protected work offer) – Any person applying for a visa Level 2 must have a qualified job offer from an employer in the UK; to take a job in the UK that cannot be filled by a worker established. For this application be successful, your employer UK require a valid license.