Finding The Right Country Club To Join

Joining a country club is a great opportunity to make new friends, meet old friends, and exchange golf tips and tricks. However, finding the right country club to join can be a bit difficult, as some areas have a multitude of clubs to choose from.

Here are some things you may want to consider before joining a country club:

Finding through your friends

Do you have friends who are members of a certain country club? This could be a good reason to visit that particular place and give it a try, especially if you like to hang out with your friends. On the other hand, knowing that a certain neighbor, coworker, or acquaintance has joined a country club can be a good start in joining a club. You can learn more about other benefits a country club offers at

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Location is one of the most important things for choosing a country club. How far is the country club from your home? While longer trips can also be enjoyable, you may often miss some country club events because you don't have the time to attend them.

Membership fees

Many country clubs require their members to pay certain fees for the services they provide. Make sure you choose a country club that has rates that seem fair to you, so you won't regret it after a while of becoming a member.


What is your goal? Do you want to relax and play golf with your friends? Or do you want to improve your golf skills and play with better opponents who will help you improve your swings? These are the most important factors in which country club to join.