How to Care For Your Car Paint

For those who love their car aesthetics, there is no news that says painting a car is not enough to make it beautiful. But there are boys and girls who love rims and do not have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with detergents, polishes and waxing techniques.

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First things first – wash your car properly first. You do this by using a cotton cloth, some cleaning products made specifically for the automotive industry, and of course lots of water. When choosing a cleaning product, try to buy a product that is pH balanced and a formula that won't damage the existing wax layer. We recommend that you mix detergent with a little oil before washing. That way you can prevent scratches.

Second – and this is important – dry the vehicle thoroughly after washing. Do this to avoid forming water marks. Professionals recommend using 100% cotton or sheepskin for drying cars, as polyester can scratch the surface of the paint. You can also use drying kits offered by many car care products that are considered super absorbent.

If you're still not satisfied with the brightness and shine of your car, it's time to paint it. Polishing machines are non-abrasive products based on a vegetable oil formula which may or may not contain chemical cleaners.

Most paints also use filler to mask the softer swirl marks and scratches. The final step in this complex pruning process is applying wax. This doesn't happen by accident as this is the best thing you can do to protect your car paint from bad weather and aggressive environmental factors like acid rain.