How to Install a Pool Filter?

The pool filter is the most important part of your pool and is essential for the health and safety of you and your family. While the chlorine or salt content in the pool will kill bacteria, the filter removes the bacteria and debris from the water, keeping the pool safe and pristine. 

You can also hire a professional via for pool filter installation. This guide provides a description of each type of pool filter, information on pool filter installation, and tips for installing each kind of filter. 

There are different types of pool filters for both in-ground and above-ground pools: a sand filter and cartridge filter. Each type has different filtration mechanisms, lifespan, and maintenance needs. 

Sand Filter: 

  • The traditional type of filter 
  • Uses sand to filter particles as small as 20 microns 
  • Cannot filter bacteria under 20 microns, so pay special attention to the water chemistry with this type of filter installed
  • Has a simple cleaning system in which you “backwash” the filter by running the water through it in reverse and out through a waste line 
  • Replace sand every five to seven years 


Cartridge Filter: 

  • Easiest filter to install 
  • Uses pleated cartridge filters that can filter particles as small as 10 microns 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Remove and rinse cartridges every six months or when internal pressure rises above baseline 
  • Replace cartridges every two to five years 
  • Uses and wastes less water than a sand filter 
  • The pool pump that feeds water into the filter must be the right size. A too-large pool pump can overpower the cartridges and push water through without filtering.