How To Select A Mother Plant For Cloning

Once you've learned the basics of growing cannabis, the next step is to take the mother plant and start cloning.

There are three main reasons: the first is economic; Good quality cannabis seeds don't come cheap, and unless you are growing marijuana for seed production, avoid spending a fortune on new seeds every time you start planting.

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The second reason for using clones is that they speed up the process of growing cannabis. You avoid the need for seed germination and the time it takes to solidify. The third main reason to clone your cannabis plant is quality. Some of the best cannabis strains have different phenotypes. When you have an excellent phenotype with all the traits at your disposal, it makes sense to repeat that by cloning plants to produce genetically identical offspring. Only when your plants are in bloom can you find out their true characteristics and it is too late to turn them into mother plants without having to return them to the vegetative stage, which can stress the plant out. So here's what you do.

So, you may be able to reject some of the clones before flowering has finished.

However, it is only after drying, curing and sampling your crop that you will be able to make a final selection on which individual clone you want to make into your mother plant. The more individual plants you start with, the greater the chances of finding a really good quality mother for your future generations.