Indoor Plant Hire Improves Office Moral And Productivity

As a member of an indoor plant hire company in Sydney, Australia, we are well aware of the reaction people in offices have to indoor plants. When we freshly install plants the staff's reaction is nearly always positive and welcoming, and most people would like to have a plant near their desk.

The plants appear to improve staff morale. On the other hand, taking away the plants is not popular, and we have been asked at times by management to remove the plants when the staff is not there, to try and limit the impact of their removal on morale. You can hire Plant Hire Company in Sydney for Interior Plant Designs.

I suppose it does make sense that people have an affinity with greenery. It is part of nature, and we have lived close to plants for millions of years, it is only recently that we have started to lock ourselves into concrete boxes well away from nature. I suppose, as the saying goes, indoor plants bring the outside… inside.

The other thing we have observed is that people love well cared for and healthy plants, but it depresses them when a plant is not looking its best.

We sometimes get calls from concerned clients, worrying about a plant that might have a yellow leaf (and is otherwise quite healthy), but they are worried that it might be dying, and they are concerned. Healthy and well cared for plants improve morale, but sick plants do not. In fact they could depress morale.