Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There is a very thin line between pulling the youngest teeth and let it like that. This has become a sustainable debate between the dentist and the third molar extraction is not really needed because there is a risk of dry socket.

What is the wisdom tooth?

The dentist calls it the third molar and usually erupts when someone reaches 16 until he is 25 years old. Usually, it doesn't cause serious threats. Some people live fully without experiencing it. At some, there are no problems that arise about the youngest teeth but when it happens, there are only two words to describe the effect: unbearable pain. You can browse this link to know why wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.

This is the main reason why some dentists believe that special conditions like this make it apply to extracting teeth. Oral surgery is needed if someone suffers from impaction – the root cause of removing teeth. Impaction means that teeth are in trouble because they have not completely erupted because the jawline is full.

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If this happens to you, what should you do?

Go to your dental oral surgeon immediately. No need you feel pain and troublesome. Even if you don't like the idea of surgical extraction, this is your only medicine. This is not only because the pain of pulsing that affects your entire body but affected teeth can cause severe damage to your oral area if it is not immediately present.

One complication of affected young gear is nerve or paraesthesia damage. This is numb with the chin, mouth, and tongue. Another problem is a cyst or tumor formation. Although this can be treated in the end, the healing period is said to be shorter if the condition is taken care of directly.