Know All About Dried Magic Shroom

Dried mushrooms are just dehydrated mushrooms, or dried. As dried mushrooms age, they become stronger and more concentrated. When they are dehydrated, they will develop a meatier texture as opposed to fresh.

There are many varieties of Dehydrated magic shroom. The most popular are shiitakes porcini, morels, as well as chanterelles. 

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What do dried Mushrooms Have a Look-like?

There are a variety of dried mushrooms, but generally dried mushrooms have brown in hue, with some species having either light or dark in shade. Most dried mushrooms come with their stems preserved. They look exactly like exactly what they sound like!

What is the taste of dried Mushrooms taste like?

Mix and match the flavors that interest you, however, as a general rule Shiitake is the most versatile, and possess the meatiest texture and smoky flavor that is perfect for Asian food items. 

Morels, which are identified by their honeycombed caps possess a nutty, meaty flavor that is perfect when paired with spring-time ingredients.

What is the best way to cook dried mushrooms?

Before cooking the dried mushrooms, they must be soaked. This will not only bulk them up, but it will also remove any grit and prepare them for use.

You can cut, dice, or chop them in the next step, depending on the dish you're using them in.