Lower Back Pain Treatment By Physiotherapy

Nearly 80% of people will experience lower back pain at one time or another in their lives. This is a serious problem in today's world. Physiotherapy is recommended for low back pain episodes lasting between 2-6 weeks or frequent recurrences.

A spine specialist will often recommend physiotherapy, especially if severe pain is present. You can find a well-trained physiotherapist from stayactiverehabilitation.com/service/manual-therapy.

Physiotherapy's main goals are to reduce pain, improve function, and give knowledge that can be used to prevent future recurrences. Two components of physiotherapy for low back pain usually include passive physiotherapy, which helps to reduce the patient's pain level to a more manageable level, and active exercises.

What is passive physiotherapy?

Passive Physiotherapy is a type of spine medicine that focuses on pain relief. Because they are performed on the patient, these therapies are called passive. 

What does Active Physiotherapy mean?

As a means to heal the spine, Active physiotherapy can be used in conjunction with Passive physiotherapy. The therapy generally includes a combination of stretching for back pain, strengthening for back pain exercises, and low-impact aerobic conditioning. It also teaches athletes how to prevent muscle strain and body strengthening exercises. 

These clinics are great for stroke patients and their families, as they have the experience and training to help with speech and mobility problems. Some clinics may offer drug rehabilitation as an option for in-patient care. Lower back pain sufferers are advised to stretch their hamstring muscles at least once daily.