Maintaining Your Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover

All mechanical devices require some preventive maintenance. This can range from a complete overhaul to the replacement of worn-out parts. In industrial or commercial conditions, periodic maintenance is an ongoing process to maintain proper operation. 

When equipment breaks down, there can be irreparable loss of income and hours worked. Regularly planned preventive maintenance minimizes these losses and even prevents them altogether.

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This article discusses the importance of preventive maintenance of automatic pool covers and long-term spare parts.

All automatic protective covers consist of the same basic components: a drive mechanism, tracking system, and cover cloth. Coating manufacturers today use high-quality materials for their pool enclosure systems, enabling increased warranties. 

For more information on the components of the automatic protective cover, see “Principles of operating the automatic protective cover for swimming pools”.

The most frequently replaced components of an automatic pool cover are the sliders and guides that secure the leading edge of the roofing fabric and guide the roofing fabric to the rails. These launchers and guides are made of high-density molecular plastic for strength and durability. 

As the upholstery opens and closes, these parts gradually wear out. After two or three years, this wear can cause damage, which usually renders the enclosure system inoperable. It is always recommended to replace the sliders and guides before they fail, usually every two years.