Major Advantages of Sony 18650 Batteries

Currently, Sony 18650 batteries are used in various electronic devices such as DSL cameras. Features: Long life, low cost, and high energy density. The device offers the best performance in these three areas. Its main advantages are listed below. If you want to buy a Sony 18650 battery, you can navigate here.

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1) Cost factor

In terms of cost, you may have to spend more to buy a lithium-ion battery. However, if you compare the operating costs of this device with analog devices, you will be surprised to find that the price is three times lower.

2) Energy density

The energy density of the 18650 lithium-ion battery is much higher than any other technology in the market. Energy density is affected by the storage medium. Researchers are currently looking for ways to replace silicon storage media.

In this case, the energy density increases by about four times. The main disadvantage of silicone is that it can cause severe contraction and expansion during each cycle. Therefore only 5% silicon is used in combination with graphite.

3) Long life

Long life is another great benefit of this device. Your old laptop battery will last no more than a year. However, today's laptop batteries can last up to three years or more. This is what makes these devices so popular among consumers and manufacturers.

You can use an Intel charger to connect cells. It charges them at a rate of 375 mill amperes/hour. In this case, if you connect two cells, each gets 750. Now you can determine the capacity of each unit. You can then group them by capacity parameters for use in different batteries.

In short, these are just some of the main advantages of the Sony 18650 battery.