Modern Gas Masks in Hot Trends

The innovative gas mask is a way of Haute to protect yourself. They’re geared at the fashionably paranoid, the style enthusiasts that always want to look stylish, and are never satisfied with mainstream. Are you ready to take the war with style? Or are you ready to take on the fashion battlefield? Today, there are hundreds of companies designing gas masks for serving various purposes. You can check out the modern gas mask hood on


With 2012 was getting closer and closer, consumers has a morbid obsession with the potential of apocalypse. Thus, the company begun to release products with esoteric connections to survive in all types of climates and circumstances. Companies even went so far as to decorate said product, providing subtle commentary on the lasting consumer urge for material gain.

We were surprised to see a designer gas mask, and just when the shock of the product’s existence wore off, we’ve been replaced with the fear that gas mask fashion is another step closer to becoming main stream.┬áThe designers have taken the usual gray setting design to the next level with a gas mask setting.

It has the establishment of several head-sized gas masks that are sewn and covered in the same material as the suit. Imagine going up to the plane and seeing this person perched behind newspapers in the business class. Does security even allow it? You will not harm them to die when you enter for an interview, but you can be sure they will talk about you for a long time after you leave the room. Functionally, it doesn’t look like it would be of much assistance either.