Order Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block

This AR15 vise block is the only lower vise block that you'll require. This patent-pending block expands to accommodate any 5.56-millimeter mag well for AR15 and makes loose-fitting blocks an era of the past. Put the block in the rifle magazine well, then turn the adjustment handle to make the fit more secure. 

The block can also be used in conjunction with a receiver that is inverted to use pistol grips or to allow access to the lower part of the AR15. To ensure easy cleaning they have added this smart-fit AR15 Pivot Lock to provide hands-free access to the barrel and chamber. If you consider the design, it makes other blocks appear obsolete.

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This AR15 upper vise for receiver block is an essential tool that allows users to secure an upper receiver to the bench vise with no fear of crushing or damaging it to complete crucial assembly, disassembly, or maintenance tasks.

It's ideal when torquing the barrel nuts to the right specifications and attaching or detaching the firearm's muzzle, and can be helpful in cleaning the bore of a gun off the muzzle with the help of a rod for cleaning. Made of tough, solvent-resistant black polymer, this clamp can be used with the A2 uppers that have an integrated carry handle and A3 flattop upper receivers.