Portable Wheelchair Ramps – An Instant Accessibility Solution

A portable ramp for wheelchairs is a simple and quick access solution. They can be used to gain access to vehicles, cross the thresholds and curbs, and gain access temporarily into the home. These ramps have been designed so that they are light and compact to make them easy to transport. There are a variety of wheelchair ramps for portable wheelchairs that satisfy every need.

There are many kinds of portable folding wheelchair ramps in Australia at ARAS are available such as Threshold, Folding and Telescoping Van & SUV, Solid or Bariatric, as well as Modular. Yes, modular. You can order an individual modular ramp.

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Solid ramps come in different lengths. They provide fast and simple access to your car or your home. They are constructed of one piece, and no installation is required. Examine the rising vertically by measuring between the bottom and top landings. They are able to accommodate between six and 10 inches of vertical rise. The ramps for wheelchairs are portable and are rated at 600 pounds but they're light.

They are more convenient to move from one place to another spot. Sometimes, they are described as suitcase ramps due to the way they fold to fit in the suitcase. They can also be split into smaller pieces, making them easier to manage. They can be used at your home or while visiting friends. They can also be used to give you access to your vehicle. You can simply disassemble them and fold them in order to carry them.

Threshold portable wheelchair ramps help make getting around your home more convenient. They remove the necessity for you to "bump upwards" through doors and make it more secure to walk through various levels of the house including sliding glass doors and landings. They can be made of aluminum or rubber.