Prevent The Risk Of Breast Cancer In Sydney

Prevention is always a better option so everyone should look forward to this and peculiarly when it comes to a disease like breast cancer. After having done breast screening if someone is diagnosed with breast cancer then preventive measures are really important. You can contact the best breast cancer surgeon in Sydney to prevent it at an early stage. 

Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are recommended for all women because they can help prevent many conditions. According to several studies, a good diet has a clear link to breast cancer. 

There are benefits for women, who use to maintain their weight, doing exercise regularly and who have low consumption of saturated fat and alcohol. The women who prefer breastfeeding for their children are likely to have less risk of breast cancer. 

The reasons aren't fully understood, but it could be because women don't ovulate as regularly while they're breastfeeding and estrogen levels remain stable. If you have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, treatment is available to reduce your risk. 

Your level of risk is determined by factors such as your age, your family's medical history and the results of genetic tests. You will usually be referred to a specialist genetics service if it's thought you have an increased risk of breast cancer.