Read This Before Buying A Pool Enclosure

1. Is your pool in a sheltered environment or is it actually exposed to the atmosphere?

This can have an impact on the type of pool cover you choose. You can also buy the best pool covers for your pool.

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If your pool is in an outdoor area or where the enclosure can be exposed to strong winds, then consider a low-profile enclosure or cover that is secured to the ground with rails.

2. Is your pool in good condition?

Is your pool in good condition (paving or plaster)? Is it level and stable? For pool covers to work simply and efficiently, your paving needs to be as level as possible and the paving need to be relatively smooth, especially if you don't have a tracking system.

Once you've chosen a tracking system, it doesn't really matter. However, if the surround is very uneven, you may want to consider mounting it on a board or platform to level it out.

The smoother the perimeter of the pool, the easier the enclosure will work.

3. What kind of edging you have around your pool?

If your handling stone is lifted over the surrounding pool area this should be taken into account when measuring your pool for an enclosure. This applies even if you have raised lips around the pool. 

Usually, many people want the cage to be as close to the pool as possible when space is limited. Therefore, all measurements must be at least 10 cm from an elevated surface to ensure that the receptacle is open.