Some Common HVAC Problems

Central heating and cooling systems are almost a standard feature of today's homes. However, they require maintenance to keep them functioning properly. While there are some unique problems with HVAC are:

Lack of airflow seems to be the most common problem with various HVAC systems. This can have two different reasons. The first and easiest problem to solve is a dirty air filter. As air flows through the house, it collects dust and dirt. The filter removes this residue from the air. The more contaminants trapped, the harder it is for air to flow through the filter. HVAC installers work for or own businesses that repair or install heating systems and air conditioning systems in homes.

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Another problem is a bad fan. The fan is responsible for passing air through the system and into the house. If the motor burns out or there is a damaged cable, the fan will not start and air will move.

There's nothing worse than warm air coming out of the air vents in the summer. This can be caused by a low level of refrigerant in the system. As air flows through the AC coil, it is cooled by the refrigerant. Low values make it difficult to cool the air enough to make a difference. 

The refrigerant flows through the outer coil but is still colder than the outside ambient temperature. The coils cannot wind the liquid sufficiently before it returns to the compressor.

Nothing beats the feeling of entering a warm house in winter. As with air conditioning, sometimes the system doesn't heat the air enough to create a comfortable temperature. Electrical systems can have poor connections that protect the heating elements from heating up.