Supplies to pick the right one for Eye Extension

Eyelash extensions have been a craze in the beauty fraternity for all those looking for mascara-like fixes. The eyelash extensions industry has never seen a U-turn, with lash technicians trying their best to give their clients what they want. 

Besides the skills of the lash technician that plays a key role in providing those luscious lashes, lash supplies can turn tables even for the most experienced artist. You can also buy the top eyelash extension training equipment through various online sources.

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The entire process is dependent on the lashes used for extensions. Keep these attributes in mind when stocking up to enhance the look of your client’s eyelashes:

1.Material – When selecting lashes, ensure that they are made from non-irritating material. Although the synthetic material is cheaper, it is rough and can destroy natural lashes. 

PBT(Polybutylene terephthalate) material, also known as faux mink, is soft and natural. It is more expensive than the synthetic ones, but we vouch for these to provide a thick, glossy, and fluttery appearance. 

The real mink lashes are for the aristocrats as they are sourced from the fur of the mink. It is not only expensive, but the curls may not last for a long time due to the soft luster of the lashes.

2.Length – If you have a close look at your natural lashes, you will notice that every lash is not of the same length. As a lash artist, your lash tray must be filled with extensions of varying lengths to recreate a realistic and beautiful look for your clients.


To apply the thin lashes expertly, you will need tools with fine tips. Invest in a few different pairs that allow precise maneuvering. Pay attention to these nuances before you choose these staples for your lash extensions kit.

1.Tip – The tip of the tweezers must be pointed to isolate the lashes. In addition to this, you will need tweezers with curved tips for covering the area around your eyebrows. Here, the tweezers need to be placed at angles.

2.Size – The tweezers you choose must be perfect for your hands – neither too small nor too large. You should be able to manipulate the tweezers with ease.