Tea Party Ideas To Create High-End Fun For Your Tea Party Success

There are many options for themes and ideas to choose from when hosting an afternoon tea. These parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays, give moms and daughters an unforgettable event, or create an atmosphere of elegance.

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December Holiday Royal Tea

Tea get-togethers can be tied to the decor, a particular celebration, such as a child's or teen's birthday, a bridal shower, or special retirement. You may also plan tea themes to celebrate holidays such as Mother's Day, Christmas, or Easter.

Setting the Scene

No matter what theme you choose, you want to create a calm atmosphere and not a space that shouts wild decor. Choose soft colors such as white, bone and pink, lilac, and mint green.

Food Ideas

No matter what theme you choose, it is important to have a beautiful and welcoming table. Your food should be presented in a buffet format. You should offer a mix of nutritious snacks like celery sticks and carrots, as well as sweet treats that are appealing to the eye.

Tea parties are generally held in the mid-to-late afternoons so there is no need to worry about heavy entrees. You will need to make sure you have plenty of good teas, such as Earl Grey or English breakfast.

Mother and Daughter Teas

You can create an unforgettable afternoon tea party for moms or daughters by adding a few little touches to make it memorable. Invite moms and daughters, for example, to bring their favorite teapot or teacup and saucer.