The ultimate guide to eyesight and virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) headsets became all the craze after they were released. While it’s been fun getting used to this new tech, it has proved a little more than problematic for the glasses-wearers of the world.

VR headsets sit snugly on your face with support straps on your temples and around your head. But now there are ways of making glasses and VR headsets more comfortable. 

You might even be surprised to learn that, depending on your prescription, you might not even need your glasses at all. If you’re looking for more information about guides to eyesight and virtual reality check this out

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     Can you wear glasses in VR?

For the most part, yes. When wearing glasses with VR, most frames should safely fit. However, some larger frames might not be suitable. 

Before buying a headset, it’s best to measure the length and height of your frames. Then, compare the measurements of the headset you intend to buy. 

     How do you wear glasses in VR?

Before putting on the headset, make sure the straps are in the loosest setting. Then, slowly pull the straps to tighten around your head and glasses. 

You might need someone to help you with this. Make sure the headset feels secure around your face but isn’t causing your glasses to dig in. This could give you a headache after a while.

You may notice that your glasses wedge into the foam padding. This is okay as it will help to hold your glasses in place. Although, make sure there isn’t any pressure that could cause your glasses to bend or break.

Most VR headset providers, glasses-wearers can buy prescription lens inserts as an attachment to the headset. These are quite costly but do eliminate the risk of damage to your glasses.