The Urology Treatments To Treat BPH

BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a disorder in which the prostate gland is larger, which can cause discomfort in the urinary tract. A lot of men go on with their lives suffering from the condition, sometimes not aware of it. 

When it does start creating urinary issues that cause problems with the daily routine Urology provides a variety of treatments for men suffering from this uncomfortable issue. To treat prostate, you can also get effective laser therapy for BPH.

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Some medications, particularly Alpha-blockers, can help alleviate the urinary symptoms that come with BPH. Alpha reductase inhibitors may help stop the prostatic growth by stopping testosterone from turning to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that in certain men may trigger the growth of the prostate. Alpha-blockers may also reduce the size of the prostate slightly, easing the symptoms. The treatment must be monitored by a urology specialist to make sure there aren't any harmful adverse effects, and to ensure that it's functioning.

Laser Therapy

Other treatments offered by Urology for BPH help to eliminate part of the prostate gland to reduce the symptoms. The laser therapy procedure is one option to achieve this. In laser therapy, the surgeon makes use of a laser to destroy apart from the prostate gland to reduce the pressure.

Microwave Therapy

Urology also offers patients with BPH the option of microwave therapy or TUMT. This is another method of eliminating a portion of the glands using microwaves. The transmitter is placed through the urethra and delivers direct treatment to the gland.