Tips For Finding Dyslexia Schools And Resources

It can be difficult to find dyslexia schools or resources if you're a parent of dyslexic children or an adult who is suffering from the disorder. The internet has made it much easier than ever to find support for learning disabilities. 

There are many dyslexia schools and non-profit organizations that will help you. You can even find more information about dyslexia from various online websites.

The website offers information about independent and maintained schools as well as a checklist for parents. 

Searching the internet for dyslexia schools in America with a quick search engine will reveal dozens of websites that offer private school options for students with learning disabilities. 

The Davis Dyslexia Association International provides a wealth of resources for parents and adults of dyslexics to find support and programs that will help them live with their learning disability. 

This website lists both licensed providers and international partners of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program.

Many public schools have the resources to assist dyslexic and learning disabled students, in addition to private schools. Some schools have full-time speech pathologists, counselors, and even therapists. 

Parents should reach out to their child's school to help them create a plan and provide resources for the child while they are at school. The child and parents can also reach out to their child's teacher for ideas and suggestions to make learning easier. 

These methods can include giving the child more time for homework and tests, making the assignments less difficult, and allowing the child to use a multiplication table or calculator if necessary.