Tips on Creating a Meaningful Pet Urn Tribute Display

Creating beautiful decorative displays around your pet's urn can serve as a healing part of the grieving process after the loss of a pet. The first thing to consider is not whether to place the pet jar in a prominent place in your home, but rather "how" you are going to place it. While simply placing pet jars on shelves is an option, some people opt for a whole symbolic decorating process when displaying their urns in their homes. You can also customise your dog cremation urns via

When you choose where to place the urn for your dog or cat and what item or items to add to the display, you will feel your pain lessen. Create lasting respect for the positive energy and joy your pet brings into your life, and you will feel some of the joy returning to your heart. Then you always have good memories to think about in times of sadness.

There are many different ways to present your urns decoratively. Since the urn itself is already decorative, with colours, patterns, and shapes, the next best way to add a decorative touch to your urn is to decorate the surrounding area. This works well if you place your pet's urn on a robe or some other place with space around it in your home.

You can weave artificial flowers around the urn to add a unique touch to the pet urn, or display photos of your pet throughout your deceased friend's life. You can also place some pet alert reminders around a quirky pet jar or add a favourite toy.