Treating Endometriosis With Herbs and Supplements

Endometriosis can cause severe pain and complications. Endometriosis can be treated naturally. To be sure that you are not taking any supplemental medication, consult your doctor before you begin.

To address the many problems that endometriosis creates, some supplements are more frequently used than others. Here is a list containing supplements that can be used to naturally treat endometriosis. For more information on supplements for endometriosis visit

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for good health. It is not stored in the body. Vitamin C is essential for a strong immune system that helps fight disease and promotes healing. Vitamin c can be found in some fruits that cause cramping. A good quality supplement is recommended in these cases.


Iron is very important, especially for women who have heavy periods. Low iron levels can cause mental dullness, weakness, and chronic fatigue.


Low magnesium levels can cause cramps during menstruation and muscle cramps. Menstrual cramping could be relieved by magnesium supplementation.


Zinc is essential for cells and enzymes. It has been shown that it can reduce the irritable feelings associated with menstrual cycles.

Dandelion Tea

This tea is well-known for its ability to reduce swelling and relieve the symptoms of endometriosis.

Colic root

The colic root is a muscle relaxant and can be used to relieve cramping or bowel problems associated with endometriosis.