Understanding What A Felony Charge Is

A felony charge is an accusation that has been levied against a person who has allegedly committed any serious violation of public law. Illegal acts or crimes can be broken down into three basic categories – Petty offenses, felonies, or misdemeanors. 

When a person is charged with a felony it means that they are accused of having committed certain criminal acts such as rape, murder, or kidnapping. If you want to know more about how to get a free consultation from a felony lawyer, then search the browser.

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Typically, felonies are categorized as per the severity of the crime. There could be cases where a convicted felon might have a larger number of restrictions placed on his or her rights as compared to a person who is guilty of any lesser crime.

Get legal help if you are charged

A felony is a serious crime and if you have been charged with one, you will need to hire the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

The punishment for felonies is generally very severe and only a qualified and experienced attorney who is aware of how the laws work for this charge will be able to help you clear your name. A person could be sentenced to a year or even more in a national or local prison.

A range of crimes

A felony charge can range from a burglary and drug crime to murder. In the U.S, there are around six classes that most felonies are categorized in. 

Class one is the most serious offense and irrespective of what the actual sentence is, it is also accompanied by a considerably hefty fine, which can run into thousands of dollars.