What a 3PL Can Do For You?

What is a 3PL? A 3PL (Third Party Logistics Company) is a non-asset-based company that can help you reduce costs, risk and save time and expense in the implementation of your logistics strategy. You can also get more information about the top 3pl in Toronto via https://shiphype.com/3pl/

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Here's how they do it

Rates are governed more by the market price and less about cost. Actually, if you've been collecting rates on your laneways for a while then you probably know much better what the market price is than a 3PL company. The benefits come from mode shifting, order tracking efficiencies, etc

Mode shifting

By working with a 3PL you can leverage their computer tracking systems to observe patterns that would be candidates for consolidation into truckload shipments. 

3PL's have software to find opportunities and can help you take advantage of them. Anytime you can shift from LTL to truckload, your cost per pound will be reduced.

Order Tracking

As soon as the truck is loaded, the order is complete. You know what really is important is a happy customer who receives your product on time. 3PL's have software that's designed to manage your shipments from your dock to your customers. 

Many offer 'dashboard' web access where you can see the status of any shipment you have on the go on one simple screen. 

A 3PL has the systems in place to collect insurances from carriers before they expire. To verify licenses and to check the carriers' safety rating with the DOT. You can have all this done for free by using a 3PL.