What Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Inspection In Palm Beach?

Leaky roofs are annoying and cause many different problems. A leak can cause dampness and mold, which can affect your structural integrity as well as your health. Water leaks can also get into your electrical system and cause fire hazards. 

Professional roof inspections are a great way to identify potential problems before they become more serious. In Palm Beach, top roofing companies offer free instant quote and quality services for all kinds of roof repairs.


A roof inspection serves three purposes: 

  • To determine if any roof repairs are necessary

  • To estimate the roof’s remaining lifespan

  • To issue a certificate (which could be valid for between 2 and 5 years depending on where you live). 

If you're buying a house, do not expect your home inspector to inspect the roof. While the inspector may point out potential problems from the ground, he or she cannot inspect the roof and give you an estimate on how long the roof will last. 

A qualified roofing inspector is familiar with safety procedures and the appropriate equipment. They can spot potential leaks that may not be visible to homeowners and untrained people.

A detailed checklist will be provided by the roofing inspector that you hire. These items include:

  • Roofing material – Its general condition, damaged, curving, loose, or missing shingles or fasteners. 

  • Loss of granules – It is from asphalt roof shingles

  • Exterior roof structure – Sagging or other deformation, staining, or damage to flashings, fascia, gutter obstruction, or insufficient pitch.

The interior condition of the roof as seen through the attic, cracks, staining, or dampness; roof or window leaks. The inspector will inspect the roof and make recommendations for repairs.

After the inspection is complete, the professional inspector in Palm Beach will write a report highlighting any issues and suggesting follow-up actions if needed.