What Makes For An Ideal Myco-toxin Binder

Mycotoxin binders are basically complex-sounding properties that do a very simple job. When ingested into animal feed, they become associated with harmful elements present in the ration. This eliminates them completely and allows for a healthier diet. Commonly used binders for mycotoxins that have proven to be very effective in this capacity are zeolites. 

What do mycotoxin binders do?

Mycotoxins are common elements in animal feed that significantly interfere with the digestive process. This can lead to long-term malnutrition or even premature death. The inclusion of a binder with the mycotoxin. B. zeolite, allows the binding of toxins by food after food is swallowed.

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What are the main advantages of this?

By removing this element from the digestive system of animals, they can absorb nutrients more efficiently. This affects the weight gain of all animals, which all breeders want to hear. In fact, the animals tend to be healthier in all respects, with fewer reported intestinal problems and better feed conversion.

Is using zeolite the best way to enjoy these benefits?

As a feed additive, zeolites fulfill all the above positive functions and more. Zeolite is also a releasing agent that helps to improve the overall quality of pellets, meaning pellet feed producers get a better product for farmers. This is especially the case when the high fiber pellets are being extruded.