Auto Dealer Inventory Management Software

Car dealership inventory management software is designed to help car dealers perform various administrative tasks. Administrative tasks that require manual entry and storage can be completely avoided with the help of software.

Auto dealer DMS software helps to track and store all information for future analysis of the data. The data tracked and stored in the database includes vehicle information such as purchase price, detailed cost tracking information and auctions, as well as photos of all past and current inventory.

Dealer inventory management software is used by dealers who handle used and new vehicles. The software can be purchased pre-built or developed for the specific needs of the user.

Vehicle inventory management is a common feature in all automotive inventory management software programs. The marketing and sales interface is another feature.

Dealer inventory management software manages vehicle details and photos and this information can be uploaded to the website's server database. Several types of auto dealer inventory management software can provide printouts to customers. Other features include tracking the value of online advertising and customer data, as well as accounting functions.

The dealer management software program has an easy-to-use interface that allows users with little or no computing experience to take full advantage of it. Easy access and guaranteed data security is another useful feature of retailer inventory management software.