Basic Ping Pong Rules

The official table tennis rules are quite easy to learn and are a useful game for many people. The table tennis table has a short net in the middle and white markings. The marks are only used when playing ping-pong in pairs and can be omitted for single games. Many companies such as Ping Pong Tables can help you in buying the best tables all over the world.

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You can serve from any seat on the table to any seat on the table in one game. In a doubles game, you have to serve from your right to your opponent's right. The table must have a flat surface and the table tennis racket must have a rubber surface. Although the sandpaper paddle is seen from time to time, it is prohibited by the ping pong rules.

The game begins with a coin toss to determine which player serves first. Serving consists of throwing the ball in the air and using the paddle to hit it on the other side of the ping pong table. It can hit the net while bouncing off the table; however, it is known as serving and reserved. If the ball leaves the table, the thrower loses the point. 

The first player serves two points and then swaps. The game is won by eleven points or two points later. At 10 points, both players take turns serving until one wins. Several games in a row result in a match and let's say four out of seven wins.

One ball in a game of ping pong is known as volleyball. The ball can be passed back and forth many times without losing or scoring points. If the pitcher hits the ball twice in a row, misses or hits the table, he loses the point. If the opposing player misses the ball, the server receives a point. Points are accumulated as players take turns passing the ball.

You can hit the ball with a racket with a forehand or backhand shot. Players can use both hands to play or both hands at the same time. You cannot push or touch the table. If the ball hits a wall, floor or ceiling, it is out of play and a point is lost.